Giving Congress back to you

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    Vision@ Mission

    Giving Congress back to you

    As a proud son of the State of Ohio, I have spent my entire life building up to this
    moment. This is going to be more than a campaign for office, but a movement. A
    movement that truly gives congress back to you, with initiatives that I have created such
    as the Constituents Count and Beautiful Black Voices, we are going to change the
    political landscape here in Ohio and beyond forever. I will fight as your representative
    everyday to ensure your prosperity, safety, health and quality of life every day.









    Mission & Issues

    Ideology with hope

    When I came up with the slogan “giving Congress back to you” I immediately had
    the Idea for the Constituents Count. This is literally going to give the vote to you,
    My dad and I have always said this is the way it really should be, and with his
    guidance the Idea came to fruition and the campaign was born from this very
    idea. Any time a bill that I am to cast a vote on comes before me, I will send the
    bill, with a description attached to anyone who is enrolled, which will allow you to
    view the bill or resolution and cast your vote. Upon formulating my own opinion I
    will take the “yea’s” and the “Nay’s” cast by my constituents into account and cast
    my vote according to how YOU voted. This allows the voices of thousands to be
    heard and acted upon, trust me, this is going to be game changing!

    For far too long Republicans in Ohio and across the country have tried to suppress the
    votes of Black Americans. This is a direct threat to the sanctity of our democracy.
    Beautiful Black Voices (BBV) is going to fuel information to the black and urban
    communities on the importance of their voice in the vote. We are going to deliver as
    much information as we can so the Black population which is so vital to the backbone
    of our community. In the 2016 election 74% of Black voters had to wait at least 30
    minutes to vote, if that does not bother you, it should. A 2013 Supreme court ruling
    severely weakened minority voter protections and since then in states with a history of
    voter discrimination, over 1,000 polling locations have been closed. My goal in creating
    the BBV is to reverse these atrocities once and for all and give the Black, Urban and
    minority communities the tools and aid they need in making their voice count in every
    single election to come.

    As a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community, when elected I will do everything
    in my power to protect and advance your rights at the Federal, State and Local
    levels. Hate crimes against the LGBTQ+ community is at an all time high, in 2020
    nearly 20% of all hate crimes reported in the US were due to LGBTQ+ bias.
    Republican’s have made it clear they have no intention of advancing and
    protecting rights for our community, there is no room for that closed minded,
    bigoted thinking in the 21st century. Together we can change that, whether it’s by
    leaps and bounds or by inches my goal is to change that statistic from 20% to

    Covid-19 has changed our world and for the foreseeable future, it will continue to
    change. The Trump administration failed to protect you, because of that we now
    have over 500,000 American dead. I am grounded in my faith, but also grounded
    in science, it is important now more than ever to deliver to listen to our doctors
    and scientists to learn how to beat this. I pray by the time I am elected our
    current leadership has done what was promised, listened to science and put
    vaccines in the arms of any and everyone who wants the vaccine. If that is not
    the case I will ensure a bipartisan effort to combat the pandemic and continue
    fighting the good fight for you in order to ensure the defeat of the worlds biggest
    threat – Covid19.

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